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Our Services

Whilst the list below isn't an exhaustive list of our services, it does give you an idea how we might be able to help you. If you cannot see below the kind of help that you need, please just drop us a line or send us an email and we can have a chat about your specific needs.

In the early days of living in France, you may not even know what you need, you won't be the first or the last to feel that way, so please feel safe in the knowledge that your request will be treated with the upmost confidentiality and that we will do our absolute best to help and advise you.

We cannot do your ironing for you. But we know someone who can.

Healthcare at French Admin Made Easy


  • Registering with a doctor
  • Applying for your Carte Vitale
  • Arranging your Mutuelle (healthcare top up)
  • Discussing your healthcare needs and arranging your cover
  • Translating medical documents e.g. reports following an appointment
  • Phoning for an appointment and even attending appointments

Having adequate and reliable health cover is essential when living in France. As with all French paperwork, there are steps to be taken. We will provide you with the correct list of necessary documents – these can be added to or changed without notice.

We will then contact the agencies involved to enable you to have your Carte Vitale (the name of the plastic card which will be requested when using any health service). Support will be given to find a ‘top up’ insurance if needed.


  • School registration and attendance at meetings
  • Applying to CAF (equivalent to child benefit) for applicable benefits, e.g. child benefit
  • Children with additional needs, contacting the MDPH (a unique public service that welcomes, informs, guides and accompanies people with disabilities) to make a case for assistance, identifying schools and making applications. Completing forms and helping you create a support network
Schooling at French Admin Made Easy

Transition from English to French schooling can be traumatic. We can explain the system and where children should fit into it but the French system does allow for pupils to be placed in a different age group in order to respond to their individual needs. We have personal experience of this and hopefully will reduce the fear factor!

Vehicles at French Admin Made Easy


  • Applying for a French driving licence
  • Changing from UK to French plates, obtaining the Fiscal document required to do this and the Carte Grise

Changing a car registration and a licence follows set patterns and can be achieved painlessly!


  • Visiting your Notaire for completion of sale or purchase/sale related enquiries
  • Making building applications with your Mairie (Town Hall) and relevant authorities
  • Arranging for installation of a new fosse (septic tank) to comply with regulations
  • Sourcing local artisans and liaising with them on your behalf regarding your specific project ideas
Property at French Admin Made Easy
Work at French Admin Made Easy

Registering To Work

  • Applying to appropriate agencies for complying with French regulations to work e.g. Chambre des Metiers/Chambre de Commerce or Agriculture
  • Applying for change of use e.g. fishing lakes

It is crucial to have the correct registrations for working in France. We have had experience of supporting and registering numerous artisans. You next?

Family / Miscellaneous

  • Helping with funeral arrangements and repatriation procedures following the death of a loved one
  • Applications for a Carte de Sejour/Titre de Sejour – the requirements for residency in France have changed and we are keeping up to date with these to support your application
  • Tax submissions - Setting up your tax accounts i.e. helping you to join the French system of taxation
  • Visiting the vets - Visiting the vet can be an essential part of your life. We are animal lovers and have experience (unfortunately) of understanding animal illnesses and medication
Family at French Admin Made Easy

Are you moving to France shortly? Already living in France? Will you be taking long term holidays in France?

Help is at hand! Exclusive Healthcare can provide you with both private healthcare and top up insurance packages depending on your situation.

Rest assured that due to the current epidemic, our policies also cover for COVID-19.

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