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About Us

I moved to France with my family 5 years ago and like a lot of us, I had to hit the ground running when it came to learning the French ways and system for getting my children into school and arranging healthcare etc.

During this time, I have been asked by friends and family to help with similar arrangements and take great satisfaction from helping people and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment it gives me.

About Us at French Admin Made Easy

Enjoying a Challenge!

I enjoy a challenge and getting my teeth sunk into a project. I am also very determined and don’t give up without a fight which is sometimes what living in France can feel like when dealing with French bureaucracy and their online systems, put in place to make life simpler but in truth, sometimes baffles even the smartest amongst us!

Professional Background

My professional background is that of administration. Having been a PA in the pharmaceutical industry, the NHS and also a member of a validation team working to ensure that UK chemists are working within the law. This latter role meant that I had to do a lot of digging, database work and liaising with customers and therefore gives me a good footing into the work that FAME does.

Good Network of People

I am married with children (well not exactly children now), I have 3 dogs, 2 cats and chickens and an old French farmhouse that requires continual work!!

I have a good network of people, either French or fluent in the French language and with over 20 years of experience of living in France, on call and ready to help with any kind of enquiry.

Are you moving to France shortly? Already living in France? Will you be taking long term holidays in France?

Help is at hand! Exclusive Healthcare can provide you with both private healthcare and top up insurance packages depending on your situation.

Rest assured that due to the current epidemic, our policies also cover for COVID-19.

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